Thursday, November 26, 2015


I am back!  This time I am here  to report on the outcome of this year’s Quilting Exhibition for MPPI.

As stated in my previous blog in October 2015 the Exhibition Committee and many members have worked hard to produce a variety of trading objects as well of course to exhibit  several quilts.  Unfortunately we did not receive as many exhibits as in previous years but it was nevertheless a pleasure organizing this event.

We did not have as many visitors to come and view the Exhibition but a lot of fun was had by those who did come.  It was also great for grandparents and parents to bring their children along.  Providing some catering throughout the day organized by Wendy Egan – the expert at it - was very welcome by all, as well as ourselves which kept giving us energy to continue running around and helping and talking with people. 

Of course our traders were also huge contributors to the success of the weekend and it was a delight to see them all again.  Apart from giving a percentage of their Profit to our charities, they very generously offered prizes for our raffles.  All their products were very interesting and here is a list of all the participating traders in alphabetical order.

1.  Craft Quarters – Koo Wee Rup – Estelle Cadd
2.  Embelishalittle – Wonthaggi – Jennifer Warburton
3.  Jarrah Lacky – Geelong -  Robert and Dorothy Keating
4.  Katie’s Patchwork Packs – Albanvale – Karen and Sid Burns
5.  Mornington Embroidery and Patchwork Centre – Lynda Sibbald
6.  Palm Beach Quilting – Carrum Downs – Maureen Miller and Sue Porter
7.  Sewmaterialistic – Frankston – Sarah Griffiths
8.  Snugglelyn Quilts – Dromana  -  Lyn Wright
9.  Tasselart – Diamond Creek  - Catherine Clark and Marian Parker
10. Lloyd Walton - Woodturner  - Carrum Downs

This was an amazing group of very talented and creative craft people.  Thank you very much for coming to us, in particular those who had to travel long distances.  We trust you have had a successful weekend.

Throughout the weekend we raised quite a fair amount of money for our charity by selling constant tickets for small raffle prizes made by members and items donated by traders. 

This is a Japanese style quilt I made for my Granddaughter Georgia

The Second Quilt I made for my Second Granddaughter Evie

The Third Quilt I made for my Third Granddaughter Kali

This is the “Viewers’ Choice Quilt”  which was made by Margaret Bloore a very popular and wonderful quilter who is a very frequent winner.  Enjoying the show are my lovely daughter Helena and my sweet grandsons Caelan and Aedan.

The main Raffle prizes were won by:

1st -   Shirley Gordard
2nd -  Marilyn Bardin
3rd  -  Sal Howells
4th  -  Liz Duncombe
5th  -  Marion Groom

The final attraction was a performance by the Frankston Ladies Choir - of which I am a member -singing beautiful songs and entertaining our visitors.   A big thank you as well to the Choir for donating their usual fee to our charities – a very appreciated gesture Marilyn.

Last but not least we would like to express our appreciation to all the gentlemen and members of MPPI who helped set up and dismantle all the stands, Quilts, chairs, tables and decorate the venue beautifully. 

Well I guess this is about it – Sarah Simcock and all the Exhibition Committee would like to thank everyone for the constant support and we shall look forward to the next Exhibition in two years.

So Long……… everyone.

Kathie Page-Robertson

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello, I am back with a new blog after two years of silence. I have this year been on the MPPI Quilting Exhibition Committee and have enjoyed, together with the whole committee, preparing for our Bi-Annual Quilting Exhibition.
The purpose of this Exhibition is to raise money for local charities, this year being Peninsula Youth Enterprises and the Peninsula Surf Life Saving Club. As well as exhibiting beautiful quilts made by our members, the Committee, led by Sarah Simcock , together with the help of many contributing MPPI members, have been busy creating beautiful crafts to present at the Exhibition for sale. These are some photos of the items we have made:

Handbags, heat packs, trivets, pincushions, needle & pinholders and many beautiful aprons

The following photo is of our main Raffle Prizes:  
1st Prize    - a beautiful King Size Bed Quilt made by various members of MPPI
2nd Prize   -  an original painting made and donated by Andrew Page-Robertson

3rd & 4th Prizes  -  Two more smaller quilts made by MPPI members

As well as this we have once again invited local patchwork/quilting traders to sell their products which will be very exciting. The traders involved are: 
1.      Lloyd and Ethel Walton - Woodcraft
2.      Bob and Dot Keating – Jarrah Lacky Geelong
3.      Lynda Sibbald – Mornington Embroidery Centre
4.      Catherine Clark & Marian Parker–Tasselart Diamond Creek
5.      Sarah Griffiths – Sewmaterialistic Frankston
6.      Jennifer Warburton – Embelishalittle Wonthaggi
7.      Lyn Wright – Snugglelyn Quilts Dromana
8.      Maureen Miller - Palm Beach Quilting Carrum Downs
9.      Karen Burns – Katie’s Patchwork Packs
10.    Estelle Cadd – Craft Quarters Koo Wee Rup
The Traders are offering a generous 10% of their sales to our charities – so we thank them very much in advance and wish them a successful weekend with us.
People coming to the Exhibition will have the option to buy morning or afternoon tea in our small café inside the Marjorie Williams Centre, with yummies and especially made Gluten Free items .
On the Sunday at 2.00pm the Frankston Ladies Choir will be there to offer some entertainment in the Café (I am lucky to be one of them).  The Choir are doing this as a donation  and have offered their usual fee to be given directly to our charities.
The receivers of this blog are very welcome to provide the details of the Exhibition to friends and family.
Looking forward to a high attendance, and lots of support.
My next blog will be following the end of the Exhibition.

Thank you very much.
Kathie Page-Robertson